New Band Of The Day #196: Vansire

Now you’re looking me up / You’re looking me down / I’m just a clown

Who: Theoretically People, Likely These Ones: Josh Augustin, Samuel Winemiller

What: Dream Pop, Hypnagogic Pop, Alternative Hip-Hop, New Sincerity Ironic Pastiche

Where: Rochester, Minnesota

Ah, it’s summer again. You remember summer? I kind of do.

There was a time where our closeted indie world knew what summer was. A time where it wasn’t embarrassing to say you love MGMT and Neon Indian. When you could blast Destroyer’s Kaputt on summer walks and not be immediately confronted about whether you knew about his EARLY work. It was a time of like… summer vibes dude. Just like super chill and #thoughtful shit man.

It was horrible. We should have never let our wall of pretension drop. It was a collective lapse of judgement that we are still recovering from. Embarrassing at the least, and destructive to our entire culture of self-hatred and undeserved feelings of superiority at the worst. Still though, I miss summer. I mean winter can only go on so long Mr. Indie Pantheon. Now MGMT sound like a graveyard in October, and Pitchfork is trying to tell me that Let’s Eat Grandma’s downright maudlin album is a summer jam. Vansire remember what summer is about though, or at least some fragmented shadow of it. Haunting us from a far-gone time.

Blending the chill-wave and dream-pop aesthetics that consumed our melodramatic late 2000’s indie scene with the forlorn internet wasteland. Postmodern verses performed by rappers plugged against expansively sincere hooks. It’s summer deconstructed into its elements. Warmth and expanse, aimlessness and wandering thoughts. Considered feelings, and the emotional distance and irony needed to keep those feelings safe from harm.

The clunking drums of hip-hop played through lazy car speakers, and then into the basement where these dream pop ballads can breathe. Make us contemplate locking ourselves away even when the weather is perfect.

My final moments of summer will be Jeremiah Jae lost in a hall of indie-pop mirrors. A soundtrack at last.

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