New Band Of The Day #199: Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee

New EP Black Pudding is out now.

Who: Audrey Marot, Vankou, Aurélien Auchain, and Hugo Claudel.

What: Fuzzy indie pop (Martha, Spook School, Fortuna POP!)

Where: Brussels, Belgium.

Why: This Belgian quartet sport a lot of fuzz, a lot of swagger, and a lot of melody. However, there’s no member of the band who is actually named Annabel Lee. I’m willing to wager the group are named after the poem of the same name written by American Gothic progenitor Edgar Allan Poe. In typical Poe fashion, the poem does not have a happy ending. Luckily, the band are a different story. They’re great craic. Big fuzz, big melodies, and big attitudes conspire to create music that is confident and infectious.

On top of the newly released Black Pudding EP, the outfit also have another EP entitled Wallflowers, and their debut LP. That one is called Little Sad and Not So Sad Songs. Lovely hurling.

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