New Band of the Day #20: Gaze is Ghost

gaze is ghost

Gaze is Ghost’s latest single ‘Feather and Bone’ is out now.

Who: Laura McGarrigle.

What: Chamber pop. (FFO: Joanna Newsom, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor)

Where: McGarrigle is from Strabane in Northern Ireland, but is currently living in Cambridge.

Why: We have been pretty massive fans of Gaze is Ghost for a good few years at this stage at Overblown. In fact we premiered her spellbinding ‘Revolvere/Murmuration‘ single back in 2014.

She has not released much music in the interim, so it is really damn wonderful to have a new release from her. ‘Feather and Bone’ marks a bit of a departure for the singer/songwriter. Whereas ‘Revolvere’ and ‘Murmuration’ were beautifully subdued and tense ballads built on ambiance and unadorned piano, ‘Feather and Bone’ is a much more driving affair. Featuring more intricate orchestration and forceful melodies, the track is an insistent and swirling track that features a slight threat in the melody. Enveloping the listener in a billowing aural blanket, the track suggests that Gaze is Ghost is heading down an ambitious and dramatic route.

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