New Band Of The Day #200: Shipwreck Karpathos

Shipwreck Karpathos

New EP Black Pudding is out now.

Who: Michael Arzac – Guitar, David Chastain – Guitar, and Alan Walton – Art.

What: Ambient/post-rock/post-hardcore/avant-garde (FFO: Stars of the Lid)

Where: Portland, Oregon, USA.

Why:  So in case you are unaware ‘simulacra’ is the plural of ‘simulacrum’. ‘Simulacrum’ means either “an image or representation of someone or something” or “an unsatisfactory imitation or substitute”. Also, The Simulacra Transmission is the name of the upcoming new LP from Portland, Oregon based currently ambient, formerly post-hardcore outfit Shipwreck Karpathos.

I am unsure if The Simulacra Transmission is proper English (perhaps it should be The Simulacra Transmissions?) but I can tell one thing for sure: it is a proper album. The lead ‘single’, if you could call it that, is titled ‘Virgil is an anomaly’. Clocking in at fifteen minutes, I presume the Virgil to which the titles refers is the Virgil of Ancient Rome. A poet, he is most famous for his epic poem The Aeneid. Clocking in at 12 books, The Aeneid charted the tale of Aeneas, a warrior fleeing the sack of Troy. A suitably heady topic for such an obtuse and challenging track. It is, however, a track that rewards the stubborn listener. Dive in.

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