New Band Of The Day #201: Van Goose

Van Goose

New track ‘Last Bus’ is out now.

Who: Avery Brooks – synths, Sal P – percussion, Van Goose – drums, bass, guitar, vocals, drum synths.

What: Dance-punk

Where: Brooklyn, New York.

Why: Two reasons: 1. New track ‘Last Bus’ is an angular and up beat slice of danceable punk that is urgent and incessant; 2. Avery Brooks plays synths on the record? Captain Benjamin Sisko? Surely not. I’ll have to follow up on that one. 

Van Goose is the brainchild of one Schlomo Lavie. Coincidentally Schlomo is one of my favourite names ever created. Years ago, when his mother realised he was a rather hyper active child, she enrolled him in a marching band class. He has not looked back. He has worked alongside the likes of Berry Sakharof, Arik Einstein, and Yehudit Ravitz while also contributing his steadfast rhythms to two successful albums by the heady band Habiluim.

Now he is solo. More or less. “I always felt like something was missing,” he explains, “like there’s a whole world inside my head about to explode. That’s when I started writing my own music. I never felt like I ‘belonged’ in a certain scene. I like to keep my options open and be exposed to everything.”

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