New Band Of The Day #202: Blind Girls

Blind Girls

Debut album Residue is out now.

Who: Sharni Brouwer – Vocals, Liam Kriz – Guitar, Julian Currie – Guitar, Mark Grant – Bass, and Ben Smith – Drums.

What: Hardcore

Where: Gold Coast, Australia.

Why: Hailing from Australia and sporting a sound that is so ferocious that it is known to make grown men cry like blubbering babies, are hardcore quintet, Blind Girls.

After a raft of EPs, they’ve just released their debut album Residue. It is a rollicking, rolling, smashing, and grabbing short blast of intense and unforgiving bludgeoning hardcore that sits somewhere between G.L.O.S.S. and Perfect Pussy. 

In short, this band will make you shart. And you’ll be happy about it.

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