New Band Of The Day #203: Tiny Tree

Tiny Tree

Debut single ‘Lion and the Meteor’ is out now.

Who: Paul Jensen – Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Samples, Addison Eilers – Guitar, Bass, and Vocals.

What: Experimental rock

Where: Michigan, United States.

Why: Let me ask you a question. What do rock bands with two members sound like? Blues-rock rip off artists, right? Wrong.

Michigan’s Tiny Tree are here to buck the trend. They’re the outliers. Instead, they use their refined blast to explore a sound that is a hodgepodge of wonderful influences. There’s the expansive exploration of post-metal, the jittery anxiety of Radiohead, the soaring gravitas of post-rock, and the directness of alt-rock. And it’s all just two blokes.


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