New Band Of The Day #207: Chess at Breakfast

Chess at Breakfast

Debut album on the way. Not sure when though. 

Who: Paul Jensen – Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Samples, Addison Eilers – Guitar, Bass, and Vocals.

What: Progressive indie rock

Where: Fort Collins, Colorado.

Why: Combining prog and indie rock is a tall order. The music must be experimental and yet accessible. Cold but yet emotional. Otherworldly but yet grounded.

Colorado trio Chess at Breakfast pulls it off with aplomb. They’ve a debut album on the horizon and have currently released two tracks from it. Both are mesmerising adventures in fuzzy indie guitars melded with wandering proggy bass. At times as I listen I think it is the worst music I have ever heard. At other times, I figure its the best. This is always a good thing.

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