New Band of the Day #209: Bearfoot Beware

Bearfoot Beware

Who: Tom B | Mike O | Ric V

What: Post-hardcore

Where: Leeds, UK

Why: So, imagine if Fugazi and At The Drive-in got really drunk together one night and made some poor life choices. I’m fairly sure the result would be Leeds-based post-hardcore trio Bearfoot Beware. Theirs is a raw and lo-fi vintage post-hardcore replete with snarled vocals full of snearing atittude. Last March the outfit released their second album. Titled Sea Magnolia, the album is a taut and intense venture that rewards each listen with unique disclosures. You’ll be shouting ‘Point Scorer’ in no time.

Back in 2015, the group released their debut album The World Owes You Nowt. It is equally raucous and insidiously infectious.

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