New Band of the Day #21: gadget and the cloud

gadget and the cloud

gadget and the cloud’s latest track ‘and i told you something true’ is out now.

Who: Kelly Doherty.

What: Ambient/electronica/instrumental hip hop. (FFO: Helios, DJ Shadow, J Dilla)

Where: Cork, Ireland.

Why: Despite being a relatively new and young project, gadget and the cloud has soon quite a diversity of sound in just three songs.

The first track she released was ‘3600 Seconds’. A mixture of disturbing ambiance and and upbeat hook, the track is deceptively upbeat despite holding a foreboding underlying layer. The way the hook stops and starts creates discomfort in the listener, as it gently subverts convention. Any art that cases discomfort and awkwardness in the viewer/listener is aces in my book.

Following that track is the instrumental hip hop of ‘you asked me who i was’. Built on a mournful, repeating piano hook and a beat that is only forceful in relation to the rest of the track, the song has a trance inducing quality. It’s like the soundtrack to a particularly lucid dream.

Her latest effort is ‘and i told you something true’, a jittery and angular listen that eventually gives way to mournful sample before returning to the washed hook from the outset of the track.

This music is made for late nights and early mornings. Peaceful, reflective, hours of the day when the world still sleeps and you’re alone with your thoughts. Hypnotic.

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