New Band of the Day #210: Triggercut

Who:  Ralph Schaarschmidt and two other gentlemen.

What: Art-Punk, Noise Rock, Post-Punk, No Wave

Where: Stuttgart/Munich, Germany

Why: Not too long ago it wasn’t looking to great for Ralph Schaarschmidt. His relentlessly furious noise rock outfit Buzz Rodeo had split and he was left with two options: 1. Give up 2. Start again from scratch. Now, Ralph is no goddamn quitter. Which means we are blessed with the glorious noise of Triggercut. The logical next step in Ralph’s musical development, it sees him continue to create razor sharp noise rock that is akin to Steve Albini’s Shellac but with a shedload more zip and energy.

The outfit’s debut LP, Buster, is out in early 2019. In the meantime, you can pleasure yourself with two cuts that are bound to feature on the record. The chugging and thudding ‘Transfer’ and the more pummeling ‘Blind’. Check them out right here!

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