New Band of the Day #211: Origami JP

Origami JP

Who:  Shun Ono (Guitar, Composing), Takumi Sanada (Bass Guitar), and Koki Tanoue (Drums).

What: Post-rock, Emo, Math-rock, Instrumental Pop.

Where: Hampshire, UK → Tokyo, Japan (This is what it says on Facebook. Not really sure what it means.)

Why:  Origami JP’s bio tells you all need to know about the instrumental math rock outfit. It states, “Teenage rock band from Japan. We love post-rock and math rock, but we can’t do progressive things, and we can’t sing. haha.” This gently self deprecating nature is imbued in their music. Unassuming, and not too flashy, their take on math rock focuses on emotion and not technical prowess. Although, having said that, they are rather adept with their various instruments.


Unfortunately, the band’s latest release was their 車窓から( Trains) EP which came out in February 2018. Hopefully, they’ve got something more in the pipeline soon. Because this is beyond charming.



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