New Band of the Day #212: Bonny Doon

Bonny Doon

Who:  Bill Lennox- vocals and guitar, Bobby Colombo- vocals and guitar, Jake Kmiecik- drums, and Joshua Brooks- bass.

What: Alternative country.

Where: Detroit, Michigan.

Why:  It’s an underrated talent, being able to write a song that is so simple and yet so beautiful and haunting. This is the M.O. of Michigan alt country outfit Bonny Doon. They make songwriting sound so effortless. As if the songs arrive fully formed and they just pick up their instruments and perform. Of course, the reality is years of practice and failure that is necessary to create something so easy sounding.

Their second album, titled Longwave, is an unassuming and intimate album that calls to mind the naked songwriting of ’70s Neil Young at his most reflective and charming. There’s a sense of the inevitable about the record. A resignation that is endearing and charming. The album is more stripped down than their self-titled debut, which allows the songs more air to breath and unfurl.

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