New Band of the Day #217: Sugar Horse

Sugar Horse

New EP DRUJ is imminent.

Who: Steve Harris – Guitar + Vocals, Steve Harris – Bass + Vocals, and Steve Harris – Drums. (Couldn’t find their real names. Iron Maiden fans, it seems.)

What: Alternative rock/alternative metal.

Where: Bristol, United Kingdom.

Why:  Posessing the self deprecating humour of the finest of the Seattle exports (Melvins, Mudhoney) in their self description as a “decidedly average band” that plays “monotonous rock”, this Bristol based trio also harness much of those groups’ sonic assault. However, this is tempered with a knack for melody that belies the influence of those aforementioned outfits’ more po-faced brethren (Soundgarden, Nirvana).

Sugar Horse’s latest release is the moody and explosive ‘Your Degree Is Worthless And Your Parents Aren’t Proud Of You’, which will feature on their upcoming second EP titled DRUJ. Ploughing through the well worn road of a loudQUIETloud song structure, the track is at once imposing and enticing. We think it’s pretty stellar. FYI, Google suggests that DRUJ stands for “distal radio ulnar joint”. That’s a joint between the two bones in the forearm. Apparently.

Catch them at ArcTanGent this summer.

Pre-order their upcoming EP DRUJ via Music Glue.

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