New Band of the Day #22: Antiphons


Antiphons’ debut album Groan is out now via Citrus City Records.

Who: Brian Dove, Tommy Terrell, Matthew Stinnett, and Chris Matz.

What: Sci-fi half rock. Apparently. (FFO: Grandaddy, Pavement, Built To Spill)

Where: Richmond, Virginia.

Why: As I’m sure you are all well aware, an antiphon is “a short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle”. These are normally repeated and, combined with the acoustics of a church, typically create an ethereal and otherworldly atmosphere in the church.

What does this have to do with Anitphons? Well. Their music is fairly ethereal and otherworldly is our point. It has the glazy eyed, laid back approach of the slacker rock of the late 80’s and early 90’s, but also possesses somewhat alien and angular melodies and riffs. The overall effect of which is a listen which is slightly unbalancing but remains mostly warm and enveloping.

Plus they have lyrics like, “I was drunk when we first met / Serious time staring at / the lines our faces make when / we’re hiding something ” which is just enough of a mixture of the obvious and idiosyncratic to endear me to the group.

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