New Band of the Day #220: Ogives Big Band

Ogives Big Band

Ogives Big Band’s new EP Love from the Basement is out now.

Who: Ben Harris (Ogives), joined out by his fellow mates, and the former rhythm section of the band Lambhorn, Ben Holyoake and Oliver Cocup.

What: Instrumental math rock.

Where: Bristol, UK.

Why:  Sometimes, math rock can be a bit clinical and cold in my book. All cock and no balls as it were. That is not the case with Bristol trio Ogives Big Band. Their take on instrumental math rock is a dirty, filthy, and raucous approach that is dripping with sweat and lo-fi goodness. Everything is raw and stripped down to the essentials. Having said that, the playing is dexterous and intricate. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Catch Ogives Big Band at ArcTanGent this summer.

Download the Love from the Basement EP via Bandcamp for free.

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