New Band of the Day #224: Glom


Debut single ‘Tell Me Who To Be’ is out now via La Reserve Records.

Who: founders Sean Christian and Peter Warren, along with Jonathan Harwood, Sahil Ansari, and “Johan” Crandall.

What: Alternative/indie rock.

Where: New York, USA.

Why: Sitting somewhere between the charming and easy mid-tempo melancholy of Evan Dando at his best with The Lemonheads and indie rock tinged with just a dash of shoegaze, is where New York-based 5 piece Glom call home. Full of ’90s vibrancy and slacker attitude, the track doesn’t so much as plough but saunter along at a hopeful but sceptical pace. It’s an earworm of the nicest kind. It’s the one that you don’t realise is sneaking up behind you. Before you know it, you’re singing the chorus while doing the shopping in Tesco.

“The song’s simple vocal idea is moulded through different chord harmonies to illustrate the shift into introspective progress,” explains Sean Christian. In other words, it’s a gem.

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