New Band of the Day #229: The Empty Page

The Empty Page

The Empty Page’s new single ‘When The Cloud Explodes’ is out now.

Who: Giz – guitars, Jim – drums and vocals, and Kel – bass and vocals.

What: Noise punk/noise pop.

Where: Manchester, UK.

Why: Melody and mayhem. Manchester noise-punk trio The Empty Page supply both in equal measure. Possessing raw and razor-sharp guitars and a driving force of rhythm, the outfit explodes through songs with a kinetic abandon. However, it’s is in Kel’s vocals that the group’s real secret weapon lies. Capable of cathartic fury ala Meredith Graves, Kel can also jam a touch of melody in there that tempers the raucous energy with something ever so infectious. It’s a rare and raw talent. Colour us impressed.

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