New Band of the Day #23: Wolf Girl

wolf girl

New single ‘Moody’ out May 5 via Odd Box Records.

Who: Chris, Carl, Becky, and Christabel.

What: Garage pop. (FFO: The Spook School, Joanna Gruesome, indiepop)

Where: South London, England.

Why: When I was a younger man, I only really liked minor chords and misery. It is only as I got a little older that I began to love the power of a major chord combined with some less than absolutely positive lyrics. From there I jumped into indie pop/noise pop with gusto, falling in love with bands like The Spook School, Martha, and Joanna Gruesome.

The latest such band to capture my heart is South London quartet Wolf Girl. Their latest track ‘Moody’ is a endearing blast of fuzz and jangle, rather lovely harmonies, and drums that splash and ride with reckless abandon. It’s a playful and driving track, that calls to mind the breathless feeling of running down a hill and being unable to stop at the end of it.

Following on from their wonderful debut album, released last year through Soft Power Records, ‘Moody’is coming out on the always wonderful Odd Box Records on pink caddilac vinyl. Seriously, Odd Box head honcho Trev loves music more than most of us love breathing. Top man.

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