New Band of the Day #232: Vodun


Vodun’s latest album is titled Ascend. It is out now!

Who: Ogoun, The Marassa, Oya.

What: Heavy afro doom.

Where: London, England

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Why: What would happen if you combined a prog drummer, a straight up metal guitarist and a soul singer? London based self proclaimed afro doom trio Vodun, that’s what. It is not often we get to proclaim this but you have never heard anything quite like this. Sledgehammer heavy, melodic, and constantly surprising, this combination of seemingly disparate styles could come across as a bit forced in lesser hands. However, Vodun manage to blend it all together with a natural cohesion and ease that sounds so effortless.

Calling the outfit “new” is actually a bit insulting as they’ve been at it for nearly ten years at this stage. Ascend, released in 2018, is second album and follows Possession which dropped in 2016. Sounds like they’re due for a new album pretty soon. Keep your ears open. In the meantime, dive into their discography and throw some horns.

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