New Band of the Day #233: Star Garbage

Star Garbage

Self titled debut EP is out now.

Who: Alli Walls – Vox/Guitar, Connor Brown – Bass, Isaac Friend – Drums, Taylor Marvin – Guitar.

What: Alternative/hard rock.

Where: Denver, Colorado.

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Why: Hauling themselves out of Denver come alternative/hard rock quartet Star Garbage with their self titled debut EP. We are talking a bit of a Stone Temple Pilots vibe here in the swagger and grandeur of vocalist Alli Wallis. This is particularly apparent in opening track ‘Sane’, which adheres to the tried and tested early ’90s big riff+quiet chorus+loud chorus formula. They do a stellar job of it though conjuring up a delightfully druggy mid tempo psych atmosphere throughout. They come across like contemporaries of the bands of that era rather than a cheap knock off.

Next up is the more up beat ‘Tired’. Led by a dirty bass riff and the continuing attitude of Wallis, the song is a raw and raucous plunge through many hard rock tropes that are delightfully turned on their heads.

Rounding off the short but hugely impressive debut EP is ‘Cut The Cord’. Here Wallis comes across as a less indie version of courtney barnett, letting her full range do the talking. The track begins pensively with a solitary guitar to accompany Wallis, but quickly ascends to a full band explosion of righteous anger.

Overall, a ridiculously impressive debut EP. What would we like to hear going forward? Just more! More songs, chunkier riffs, maybe a few solos in there. While we’re a thoroughly enjoying this EP, we feel that the band’s full glory has yet to be captured on tape. Here’s hoping they manage to get that done.

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