New Band of the Day #24: Lance Bangs

lance bangs

Lance Mountain is out via Swirly Records (UK) from February 14th

Who: Colin, Drew and Joel

What: Fuzzy DIY-pop with a heavy dose of emo stirred in.

Where: Virginia, USA

Why: Because why fucking not? Seriously, their Lance Mountain EP (released September last year in the US on Citrus City Records and out on Swirly in the UK on Feb 14th) is a rough and ready collection of utter American beauty. It’s thoroughly DIY/slacker ethic oozes through the entire listen – it’s as if you can smell the cigarette packets, greasy pizza boxes thrown around the room and the worn-in shoes propped up against the door. The whole thing is laden with fuzzy vocals but at no point do Lance Bangs end up over egging the pudding.

Things look like they’re going well for the gang, after plying their trade playing around Richmond’s buzzing house scene since 2015, appearing at local DIY spots and small venues, the group have been charming successive audiences with their animated grooves and goofy persona and building up a following with it too. It might be a while until we see a European tour from these guys but you can bet that when they do – Overblown will be there.

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