New Band of the Day #25: Forget It.

Forget it.
Photo by Elmer Martinez.

Their debut EP, Milo, is out on March 10th

Who: Jake, Devin, Waverly, and Connor.

What: Emo gaze with a dash of math rock.

Where: California, USA

Why: Combining the ethereal fuzz of shoegaze, some pretty mathy riffs, off kilter rhythms, and the earnestness of decent emo, Berkeley’s Forget It. are an outfit that do a great job of marrying previously disparate elements to create something that is both new and yet still comfortingly familiar.

They’ve just released the lead single from their debut EP, Milo (named in tribute to pop punk/melodic hardcore legends The Descendents, the character mentioned in their song ‘Paperhouse’, and the child pictured on the cover of the EP). Titled ‘Paperhouse’, the track is a triumphant and soaring one that explores the fragility of relationships and the overtly confusing nature of emotion. As with all emo though, there is a fragility present too, an implication that the whole thing is about to fall about. This danger adds an urgency and authenticity to the track that is palpable.

Grab the EP on cassette or digital download via Bandcamp.

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