New Band of the Day #27: SILLK

Photo by Enrique Carnicero

Time is a Clock EP is out now.

Who: Orla Travers (vocals, guitar, piano), Julian Halpin (violin, mandolin), Chris Schmidt-Martin (cello), and Alan White (drums).

What: Indie folk/Chamber folk.

Where: Cork, Ireland.

Why: SILLK’s playful and evocative take on folk music is one that is endlessly engrossing and entertaining. Incorporating elements of chamber music, Balkan folk, and more modern indie folk sensibilities, the Cork outfit create music that is both mournful and playful in equal measure. Reminiscent of musicians such as Joanna Newsom and Beirut, Orla Travers and co. are obviously a group that take great joy in taking disparate musical elements and uniting them seamlessly.

One of our favourite elements of SILLK’s approach is the idiosyncratic intonation and cadence of vocalist Orla Travers. Theatrical and dramatic, her delivery adds a peculiarity to the songs that is captivating. Their song ‘Switchblades Don’t Sleep’ is an excellent case in point. The combination of the oompah elements of the music with Travers’ distinctive vocals creates an atmosphere that is entirely apt for the slightly foreboding, Grimm’s Fairy Tales nature of the lyrics.

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