New Band of the Day #29: NoPop


Demons EP is out now.

Who: Oscar Rodriguez, Louis Cohen, and Rachel Housle.

What: They call themselves pink punk, an amalgam of pretty pop melodies, punk drives, and caffeine. We think their music sits somewhere between punk, noise rock, and pop. Which is where we like it.

Where: New York.

Why: Forming in June 2013, New York’s NoPop are a swirling, screeching, melodious, fuzzy, lo-fi beast that seems to be doing its best to mix noisy feedback, infectious hooks, and a mostly frantic pace to create something that is kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic. As Rachel Green would say.

Their new EP, Demons, is seven songs of jittery, urgent riffs and idiosyncratic lyrics. Who wouldn’t enjoy lines like, “I asked her what my dreams might be about then / She said, “Mijo, son puras leseras” from ‘Wear the Feeling’ and “My conjectural drug / My conjectural drug / Cut me an ounce of that spam, man / Slice o’ privilege / Huff” from ‘Huffers’.

This ones going in my car.

Buy Demons on Bandcamp.

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