New Band of the Day #30: Devilish Dear

devilish dear

These Sunny Days LP is out now via midsummer madness.

Who: Braulio Jorge (producer, arrangements, guitars, drums, keyboards), Michelle Modesto (vocals), Rômulo Collopy (bass)

What: Shoegaze. But with some tracks that buck the trappings of the genre to break new musical ground.

Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Why: Well, because this is shoegaze you can dance to. And I don’t mean by swaying as you stare at the ground. It’s kind of like if a Madchester band had been led by Kevin Shields. Dancey, grooving rhythms are laid down behind the swirling, reverb drenched guitars, and ghostly vocals. The result is a pretty spacey and blissed out wave of music that washes over you, enveloping you in a warm and gently propulsive atmosphere.

Synths pop up here and there too. Particularly on the trippy and druggy ‘3 am’, which sounds like how I used to feel like in Fabric at that time on a Saturday night. They again pop up on the intimidating and dark ‘I Wanna Do It’, the repetition of which is both soothing and unnerving.

After waves and waves of rather good but trite nu gaze bands, something this fresh is rather remarkable. Kudos Devilish Dear.

Download These Sunny Days via Bandcamp for free.

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