New Band of the Day #31: Guest Rooms

guest rooms

Put Me Together EP is out now.

Who: Mason Parva

What: Cinematic ambient/alt pop.

Where: Houston, Texas.

Why: My absolute favourite thing about Guest Rooms is the re purposed delay heavy U2 riff that appears maybe one minute and forty eight seconds into the dreamy ‘With Me’ on the one man band’s debut EP Put Me Together. In case it needs to be said, this is certainly not the norm for an EP of alt pop/ambient music. To be honest, after running a music blog for nearly three years and being deep into music for at least twenty before that it takes a lot for me to think, “Woah. Did not see that coming. That’s really cool”

It is also an unbridled pleasure when this happens. In fact, as I type these words the feeling is fresh in my chest/stomach and, even though it is only a small thing in reality, it has made me feel just that little bit more alive than I did five minutes ago.

So thanks Guest Rooms. That’s made my evening.

Download Put Me Together via Bandcamp.

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