New Band of the Day #32: Chick Quest

chick quest

Model View Controller LP is out now via Triangular Sounds.

Who: Ryan White: vocals, guitars, keyboards & synths, percussion, effects, Iris Rauh: drums, Magdalena Kraev: bass, Marcus Racz: trumpet, keyboards & synths, piano, percussion.

What: Post-punk/art-rock.

Where: Vienna, Austria via Athens, Georgia.

Why: Cinematic and danceable, post punk/art rock quartet Chick Quest delve into a full and dramatic sound that is redolent of what it would sound like if Ennio Morricone started a post-punk band. Trumpets and funky bass add a depth and warmth that can often be missing from the sometimes robotic, rigid tendencies of post punk. Meanwhile singer Ryan White spits out abstract lyrics that allude to the loneliness and isolation of modern city living. Preach.

Model View Controller is the band’s second album following Vs. Galore, which was released in April 2015. It expands and adds nuance to what was a pretty rough and excellent foundation in the first place. Whereas before they were invigorating and energetic, now they’re pretty much unique on top of that. Ambition is a hell of a drug.

Grab Model View Controller via Bandcamp.

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