New Band of the Day #33 : And Summer Club

Their debut album Heavy Hawaii Punk is out now via こんがりおんがく

Who: Kensuke Sumida: vocals, guitars guruGURU Tokiyo: guitars, backup vocals char ken: bass, backup vocals Masahiro Takayama: drums, backup vocals

What: Indie Rock/Pop Punk/Slacker Rock

Where: Osaka, Japan

Why: And Summer Club are generally working with a sound thats similar to their fellow American pop-punkers like Cloud Nothings, and Joyce Manor, combining distorted riffs and lazy harmonies with teenage ennui and blistering drum lines. But similar to bands like Yo La Tengo, And Summer Club work across genre labels, making bar crooners, and off tempo 60s rock pastiche songs to fit between the cracks of their pop punk singles. Kensuke’s vocals in particular show the groups tendency to reinvent themselves in an instant, changing from arrhythmic Lou Reed growls to a nasally punk yelp at the drop of a hat.

Heavy Hawaii Punk is And Summer Club’s debut album after a few years of EPs and singles. It displays a band in top form, flowing between their sharper punk roots, and Mitsume inspired slacker rock with ease. On stand out tracks like “Into The White” they show an incredible ability for memorable guitar leads and a wall of sound approach to midtempo pop punk that sounds halfway out of bed. And on out-of-left-field tracks like “Forever Ghost” they work in beautifully elements of indie pop and indietronica. It’s an album that captures youthful restlessness in both content and deliverance.

Find Heavy Hawaii Punk on Apple Music, Spotify, and Itunes.

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