New Band of the Day #34 : Caroline Lazar

caroline lazar

Debut EP Nevermine is out on March 24th.

Who: Caroline Lazar.

What: Alt-Americana.

Where: Miami, Florida.

Why: There is two things in particular that I enjoy about Caroline Lazar, the twenty year old singer/songwriter from Miami Florida. Firstly, her voice is powerful and dramatic. However, it does not veer into maudlin sentimentality or inauthentic exaggeration at any point. In fact, despite her vocal prowess, her delivery is as authentic as it is cathartic.

The second thing I love is the noise experimentation towards the end of her debut track ‘Nevermine’. I’m not sure how she is pulling it off, but the noise employed in the background of the denouement of ‘Nevermine’ has a bang of thunderous black metal guitars. Except unlike in black metal, here the vocals are front and centre with the noise a forceful complement rather than a strangulation.

Her upcoming debut EP should be a trip.

Pre-order Nevermine via Bandcamp.

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