New Band of the Day #35: Hammerhands


New LP Largo Forte is out now.

Who: Collin Young (Guitar, Vocals), NJ Borreta (Vocals, Guitar), Jon Galletly (Drums), Justin Hunt (Bass).

What: Atmospheric sludge.

Where: Ontario, Canada.

Why: After 32 years on the planet, I’ve more or less figured out what I like in music. Whether it is sludge metal, punk, or pop music, the main thing of value to me is rawness. There’s an earnestness inherent to stripped down musicianship and production that cannot be faked. Slickness and perfection are abhorrent to my ears. It ain’t human. That’s essentially why Zakk Wylde and his pinch harmonics can fuck right off.

With this in mind, I recently stumbled upon the atmospheric, dirty, filthy sludge of Canadian four piece Hammerhands. Drawing on the angular feedback of noise rock, the unrelenting confrontation of post metal, and the exploration of post rock, the quartet are a formidable beast, trudging and smashing their way through nine tracks of brutal and pummeling thunder on their debut LP, Largo Forte. Plus they have a saxophone on one track, which is always pleasing.

Order Largo Forte via Bandcamp.

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