New Band of the Day #40: Brigid Mae Power

brigid mae power

Self-titled debut album out now via Tompkins Square.

Who: Brigid Mae Power

What: Singer/songwriter/folk

Where: Galway, Ireland

Why:  Born in London to an Irish family, Brigid lived there for the first twelve years of her life before relocating to Galway back in Ireland. Despite her early history in perhaps the most claustrophobic and oppressively fast paced city in Europe, her music is anything but metropolitan and pacy. Instead, it is a spacious and relaxed take on folk that is in no rush to get anywhere in particular. Think babbling brook rather than white water rapids.

Despite this easy and relaxed approach, Power’s songs are undoubtedly immediately arresting. Plaintive, simple, and beautiful, each note seems carefully considered and weighted with years of life experience and melancholia. For me, her tracks sometimes recall the more restrained a reflective work of some of the folk revivalists of the 1960’s and 1970’s such as Sandy Denny and Vashti Bunyan.

Her self titled debut LP is simply a gorgeous listen. Her voice is equally steeped in the earth and somehow otherworldly too, creating a dichotomy that is beyond pleasing. The music is eerie, redolent of wide open spaces and the lonesomeness that one can only feel in the middle of nowhere in the countryside. A truly remarkable collection.

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