New Band of the Day #41: Cat Palace

cat palace

Debut album Why Don’t You // Why Don’t You, Go Off out April 1st via Little L Records.

Who: Guitar/Vocals – David Blaney.

What: Lo-fi alternative rock weirdness.

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Why: How do you like your music? Do you like it polished and pristeen, shorn of personality and humanity? Or do you like it a little roughed up behind a pub and lo-fi with the cracks of a life leaving in some dingy sunlight? If you answered the latter then maybe Dublin’s Cat Palace are for you.

Led by the singer/songwriter David Blaney, Cat Palace are a project that revels in their lo-fi aesthetic. Take new single ‘Peddle It’, from upcoming debut album Why Don’t You // Why Don’t You, Go Off. A simple song essentially consisting of guitar, drums, and vocals, the track is a raw and direct track that calls of mind Screaming Trees more subdued moments. That is if they had recorded their albums in Mark Lanegan’s basements. To be fair, they probably did at some stage.

At any rate, if this is an indication of what can be expected on the album, sign us up. We’re in.

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