New Band of the Day #42: Santa Irena

santa irena

Self-titled debut album out now.

Who: Poli Polski, Anna Czeremcha, and Polianna Batyra.

What:  Lo-fi noise pop

Where: Warsaw, Poland

Why:  Exploring a raw and extremely lo-fi noise pop sound that is influenced by recent luminaries in the scene, Warsaw’s Santa Irena are a pleasant surprise on their self titled debut LP. Combining the melodicism of Joanna Gruesome with the shoutiness of Perfect Pussy, theirs is a sound that is rather abrasive and angular. While the guitars are fuzzed and the vocals confrontational, the band are also as tight as a vacuum packed bag of nuts. They push that to the limit though. At times, it feels as if a song is going to fall away into chaos and furious noise. Santa Irena keep keep things on track though. Just about.

Interestingly, the lyrics for their songs are drawn from Polish futurism poets who operated between the years 1910 and 1920. Those featured are Tytus Czyżewski, Anatol Stern, Bruno Jasieński, Stanisław Młodożeniec, and Adam Ważyk. So for instance opening track ‘Lalka’, that’s ‘doll’ in English, is based on a poem by Tytus Czyżewski and seems to explore the narrator’s descent into madness. It details a rather disturbing telephone conversation in which the speaker is trying to get his hands on a doll. Also it ends with the line “LAL \ DZIN” which translates as “WOW | GIN”. And everyone loves gin, right?

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