New Band of the Day #44: Dead Horses

dead horses

New EP Ballad for Losers is out 24 March via Maple Death Records.

Who: Three Italians whose names we don’t know.

What:  Lo-fi alt country/folk.

Where: Ferrara, Italy

Why:  Years ago I remember listening to Meat Puppets II and thinking to myself that if only the songs were a bit tighter and more focused, their intensity would be amplified tenfold. Even though I absolutely love bands that are a bit loose around the edges, out of key, and fuzzy as a kiwi, the Phoenix, Arizona cowpunk legends tended to push it a bit too far for my liking. Which might explain why Italian lo-fi alt country/folk trio Dead Horses appeal to me so much.

Less punky than Meat Puppets and more together, Dead Horses explore a sound that is gloriously basic and simple. The focus here is mostly on creating a hypnotic atmosphere as demonstrated during the swirling ‘Morning Hell’ with it’s cyclical guitar lines, insistent drums, and delightful Sandy Denny tinged backing vocals. ‘No Wahala’ is a slightly different beast. Beginning with a Western guitar riff, and Mark Arm (when he’s restrained) vocals, the track patiently builds with increasing tension before cascading into a dissonant, noise inspired denouement. Intense.

Purchase Ballad for Losers via Bandcamp.

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