New Band of the Day #45: Spines


New EP Lymph Nodes is out now.

Who: Mathias Gørtz, Simon Gørtz, Nicolai Olsen.

What:  Post-punk. (FFO: Iceage, Joy Division, British post punk)

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Why:  The most interesting and intriguing aspect of the frantic and intense post punk of Copenhagen trio Spines is the brief flourishes and brushes with math rock that sneak into their compositions periodically. It is, along with the velocity of their attack, the facet of the band that elevates them above copycats and hints at a future as one of the premiere proponents of the Danish punk revival.

Their debut EP Lymph Nodes sees the trio careen through six songs of increasing freneticism and desperation. Drums roil and tumble, the guitar work simply will not sit still as riff builds upon riff, while the vocals are heavily reminiscent of the classic British post punk off key bark. A standout is ‘It Has Yet To Come’ with its whispered, controlled vocals, guitar work that edges into Peter Buck jangle pop territory, and brief forays into a major key which allows the song a more celebratory and less oppressive atmosphere to operate within.

Purchase Lymph Nodes via Bandcamp.

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