New Band of the Day #48: Long Body

long body
Photo by Gingerdope Photography.

‘Bloom/Wither’ split single is out now.

Who: The duo met through gigging in different bands in the local scene and is made up of Hayley Smith on guitar and vocal duties and Will Cook behind the drums.

What:  Dreamy fuzz-pop with melodies that could rival a Katy Perry song. (FFO: Kagoule, Charly Bliss, Demob Happy)

Where: Leeds, UK.

Why:  With only three released songs to their name, Long Body have won over many hearts already with their relentless presence in the Leeds scene and their fun and fuzzy tunes. Their debut physical release was a double A-side called ‘Wither / Bloom’ released on cassette, and the juxtaposition of summery sounding ‘Bloom’ with the more reserved nature of ‘Wither’ made them ones to watch in the scene.

Now the pair are working on another EP which is going to bring in more pop influences rather than succumbing to the conventions of shoegaze music. There is as of yet no release date for this EP, and they’re currently taking a break from performing until it’s completed, due in part to how live shows are affecting Hayley’s mental health. When Long Body do make a comeback to the stage, you can expect a larger than life sound coming from the duo, and plenty more tracks that balance effervescent guitar with breezy melodies to come.

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