New Band of the Day #50: Soccer Mommy

soccer mommy

New single ‘last girl / be seeing you’ out now.

Who: Soccer Mommy is the bedroom pop project of Sophie Allison. Creating music that is “chill but sad”, Allison spends her time writing while she is in college in New York during semesters and at home in Nashville during breaks from school.

What:  Bedroom pop/indie rock. (FFO: Car Seat Headrest – music, Diet Cig, Girlpool -lyrics)

Where: New York via Nashville.

Why:  Nonchalant vulnerability. Sounds like an oxymoron? Not in the hands of Soccer Mommy (aka Sophie Allison). There’s something wonderfully musically carefree about her jangly, catchy indie rock that makes her music seem rather lightweight, in a good way, upon first listen. However, on closer inspection, her songs are brimming with insecurities and a self doubt that is presented mercilessly and bravely. It is the kind of approach that sounds so effortless and lacking in effort, but is actually one that is supremely difficult to pull off with any kind of success.

Her latest single ‘last girl / i’ll be seeing you’ is a wonderful case study of her approach. Both are songs of palpable insecurity and, dare I say, paranoia as Allison recounts here feelings of inadequacy and self doubt. ‘last girl’, musically, is a rather up beat and jaunty number that prioritises deft use of lead guitar and stop/start dynamics. However, lyrically the track takes a much darker route. Exploring Allison’s worry that she does not match up to her love interest’s previous girlfriend, she lays her cards blatantly on the table with lines like: “i want to be like your last girl / she’s the sun in your cold world and / i am just a dying flower / i don’t hold the summer in my eyes”. Endearingly blunt and honest.

‘i’ll be seeing you’ follows a similar route. Musically a bit more restrained than ‘last girl’ but still rather bright and cheery in composition, the lyrics this time turn to missing the intensity at the beginning of a relationship. As Allison laments, “kissing you felt like a lack of strength / the touch of your lips made my legs go weak / it was warm and sweet / it made me wanna take it back / to the night when it all began”, I dare you not to enamoured by her honesty and way with a melody.

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