New Band of the Day #51: Chinese Football

chinese football

New EP Here comes a new challenger! out now.

Who: Xu Bo (guitar / vocals),Li Lixing (bass / vocals) Wang Bo (guitar),Xia Chao (drums). The band began in 2011 but its members have been around the block. Xu Bo played in notable punk / power-pop band Flipside. The others played in a number of Chinese DIY rock bands around the shop. When their bands broke up they were drawn together and crafted a sound based on bands such as American Football, Fugazi and mid-90’s emo bands.

What:  Indie/emo. (FFO: American Football, This Town Needs Guns, The Hotelier)

Where: Wuhan, China which has been called the Chicago of China.

Why:  So these chaps are hardly new and pretty damn popular out East as far as we know, but regardless we really like them so they’re getting on here for your eager ears. So why do we fancy them? They’ve got such an intricate, but not overly so, manner and an ear for melody, how could you not be enamoured by them? This combined with their anime artwork is a fairly winning combination.

Take recent single ‘电动少女’ (‘Electronic Girl’) as an example. A gently melancholic and mathy riff opens proceedings before the bass line goes for a walk as Ron Burgundy would say. Enter Xu Bo’s soothing and simple vocals, a drum beat that keeps it all together and you’re left, somehow, with a beautiful song that adds up to a lot more than its constitute parts.

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