New Band of the Day #52: US Weekly

US Weekly

US Weekly’s self-titled debut album is out April 21st via Night Moves.

Who: Christopher Nordahl, Ryan Fitzgibbon, Ryan Curtis, Kent Hale.

What:  Post-hardcore/punk. (FFO: Fucked Up, Iceage)

Where: Austin, Texas.

Why:  They’re a young, interesting band from the Austin underground. Lulz. No seriously, because they play an off kilter and ‘not very punk’ breed of punk that sounds like it is the soundtrack to the tail end of a weekend bender. The kind where you’re just being obnoxious, messy, and the hangover is kicking in. Glorious.

Take their recent track ‘American Piss’ as a for instance. The guitars and bass wind and stream around each other, and the drums thrum insistently. In fact it wouldn’t even really be labelled punk if not for the singing. Frankly, the vocal work is caustic and frantic. In the latter stages, when the song veers to a more melodic and restrained melody, this harshness works in perfect contrast to make you a little confused but ultimately delightfully surprised.

‘Creative Class’ sees the band exploring further with melodies as there is actual singing on this one. Pop punk inspired singing too. Although we’re talking Descendents rather than Green Day here. The urgency of ‘American Piss’ remains. But this time it’s just a bit more direct. Nice.

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