New Band of the Day #53: Percolator


Percolator’s debut album Sestra is out on April 14th via Penske Recordings.

Who: Ian Chestnutt (guitarist, singer) and Eleanor Myler (drummer, singer), with former Katie Kim, Ilya K bassist, John ‘Spud’ Murphy.

What:  Shoegaze/krautrock. (FFO: My Bloody Valentine, latter day Sonic Youth, Slumberland Records)

Where: Dublin, Ireland.

Why:  Well they’ve a song called ‘Crab Supernova’ for one. Seriously though, we’ve fallen a bit for their mixture of the control and focus of krautrock with the experimental avant garde tendencies of shoegaze and noise music.

Recent single ‘Law & Order’ is a prime example. Beginning at a measured and restrained pace, the track creates a moody and trippy atmosphere with washed out vocals, synthesized strings (I think they’re synths anyway), and a beat reminiscent of Sonic Youth in their latter years. This slowly builds as the fuzz becomes more pronounced and strands of feedback and noise sneak into the arrangement. Eventually this descends into an avant garde noise experiment with peaks and troughs of feedback battling incoherently before it all comes back together into a passage of more urgency.

The aforementioned ‘Crab Supernova’ begins with more intent. Driven by an insistent combination of drums and bass, this track is made somewhat more accessible by the clean vocals from Eleanor Myler. Dipping into dream pop but with a thicker backbone, the track flirts with avant garde noise and the gently experimental structures of Sonic Youth’s work in their last fifteen years as a band.

You should absolutely go to see them this Saturday 15th April Kasbah Social Club/Dolans in Limerick with Casavettes, Coughlan’s in Cork on 28th April or at Bello Bar in Dublin on April 29th for their album launch. Heck, go to all three!

Pre-order Sestra via Bandcamp. We think it’ll be an absolute gem.

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