New Band of the Day #55: Orchards


They’ve a new single and EP on the horizon folks.

Who: Sam Rushton – (Guitar), Dan Fane – (Bass/BVs), Will Lee-Lewis – (Drums), Lucy Evers – (Vocals).

What:  Prog pop

Where: Brighton, UK.

Why:  So last Monday we went to see PWR BTTM in Dublin. Needless to say they were significantly glorious. However, we also received a wonderful surprise in the form of Brighton quartet Orchards. They explore the realms of what we like to call prog pop.

Their track ‘Chemystery’ is a prime example. Opening with a chunky and meaty prog/math riff that is tinged with touches of metal, one would be forgiven for thinking you were listening to …And So I Watch You From Afar or some such. However, after the riff has completed bludgeoning the listener the song recoils into a funky and extremely bouncy number of seriously catchy hooks and melodies courtesy of vocalist Lucy Evers. We had a seriously, “What the fuck?” moment when we first heard it. We liked that.

Another track, ‘Peggy’, showcases their love of funk guitar and a molasses thick bass sound. Damn, the crispness of the guitar is delightful. This kind of sounds a bit like Incubus back in the day. Like pre-fame ‘Azwethinkweiz’ Incubus. Google it. Plus, can I hear some steel drums in there? Or am I going slightly mad?

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