New Band of the Day #56: Silverbacks


Debut album Hot Bath is out now.

Who: Daniel – Guitar, Vocals, Kilian – Guitar, Vocals, Peadar – Guitar, Emma – Bass, Gary – Drums.

What:  Lo-fi alternative rock (FFO: Latter day Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, Pavement)

Where: Dublin, Ireland.

Why:  So this one is a total cheat. Dublin’s Silverbacks have been around for a decent amount of time, releasing their debut album Hot Bath over two years ago. They just don’t get enough hype for our liking. We want to big them up because we love them and you should too. If you’re cool that is.

Calling on the low key jam tradition of latter day Sonic Youth, the five members of the band create a pretty damn laid back and easy going approach that encompasses some pretty wonderfully catchy numbers and some delightfully chilled noise freak outs. Of particular interest are the group’s slightly oddball but earnest lyrics which are delivered with such lethargy and apathy that it sucks you back to the kind of vibe that Pavement or Sebadoh so expertly crafted over twenty years ago.

Our favourite is probably album opener ‘Fad 1995’. This wonderfully titled track would have, ironically, been a hit back in 1995 due to it’s meandering melody and the general weirdness that could get popular in wonder of the mid 1990’s. If you miss the irony and apathy of the 90’s then this is for you folks. Do it.

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