New Band of the Day #57: Yi


Debut release EP1 is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula.

Who: This is a bit of a super group. Formed by Jordan Allen (Rolemodel) and Jesse Crowe (Beliefs) after they collaborated on the track ‘Unit’, the pair knuckled down and wrote enough music from two EPs.

The first is out now and represents the move from winter to spring. The next will be out towards the end of the year and represents the move from summer to autumn. In keeping with the supergroup vibe, their live band now consists of Luke Duross (Rolemodel), Patrick McCormack (founding member of Beliefs), and Braeden Craig (Greys).

What:  Lo-fi alternative rock (FFO: Dinosuar Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Low)

Where: Toronto, Canada.

Why:  Drawing on a swathe of influences from the 80s/90s, Toronto alternative rock duo Yi have made a pretty strong start with their debut EP, EP1, which was just released a few days ago.

Lead single ‘Not So Dead’ is a prime example. Carving a middle ground somewhere between the hazy fuzz of My Bloody Valentine and the exuberance of Dinosaur Jr, the track is a laid-back and melodic number. The duel vocals between Jordan and Jesse are particularly enjoyable as they add a delightful male/female dynamic to proceedings.

‘Careless’ is a different beast. Mining the considered slowcore of Low, this track is a pensive and slow burning number that emphasises atmosphere over urgency. Jordan and Jesse alternate vocal duties in a kind of call and response that seems to be the dialogue between two lovers. Maybe.

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