New Band of the Day #60: Stuck In November

stuck in november

Debut EP First Slice of Cake is out now.

Who: Nihal Anand(Guitar), Nihaal Joseph(Bass), and Mayur Nanda(Drums).

What:  Instrumental math rock. (FFO: LITE, And So I Watch You From Afar)

Where: Bangalore, India.

Why:  This blissful, chilled out, major chord instrumental math rock is a winding and meandering glory. For us this is what American Football would sound like if they stopped singing and upped the technicality of their compositions tenfold.

Listen to the riff at the start of ‘Congratulations On Your Happiness’ goddammit. Silly technical, the riff is also truly and absolutely beautiful. The over riding sense here is that while this Bangalore, India based group are technically proficient, the music still services the song or piece of music as passages of obtuse rhythms and riffs segue into areas filled with a more direct approach, emphasising the beauty of both.

We’re also big fans of their track ‘Strongs’. A song that tickles your intellect with its winding passages and intricacies but also pulls on your heart strings as it ebbs and flows with beautiful catharsis and emotion.

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