New Band of the Day #61: Rascalton


Debut EP First Slice of Cake is out now.

Who: We don’t actually know a crap load about these lads.

What:  Punk ‘n’ roll. (FFO: The Libertines, Rancid, Palma Violets)

Where: Glasgow, Scotland.

Why:  As the artwork for this track of punk ‘n’ roll is a block of flats, one can presume the title of the song, ‘This Is It’, is some kind of acceptance of the social order.

The track itself is far more confrontational and defiant than that. Comprising thin/melodic guitars, very splashy drums, and vocals that a reminiscent of the drunken-like ramblings of Pete Doherty, Tim Armstrongs, or Joe Strummer, the songs barrels headfirst into and combination of recklessness and madness that is ultimately hewn together by the overriding sense of melody that permeates the track.

If you fancy this, their debut single will be out in August via Public Records. A double a-side single, the tracks contained are called ‘Lust’ & ‘Alone’. Which could be the title of my Friday nights.

Pre-order the single via Public Records.

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