New Band of the Day #62: Lectures


Debut EP Every Colour is out now.

Who: Jake Card/Liam Evans/Elliot Noble/Jacob Norris.

What:  Pop rock with experimental flourishes.

Where: Tunbridge Wells, England.

Why:  Normally the avenue adventured by pop rock four piece Lectures would be a little bit too produced for us here at Overblown. We’re fond of things rather raw and fuzzy. However, this quartet do plenty within their slightly experimental pop rock to keep matters interesting and also quite catchy.

Latest single ‘Entry Point’ is a good example. A jagged riff is placed next to a jerky rhythym that causes the song to seem to stop and start in a rather jarring and uncomfortable fashion. It’s like a really well dressed zombie that is slowly and surely limping and pulling its way towards you. However, around the two and half minute mark this all drops away. What is left is a much more inviting and beautifully finger picked guitar and vocal melody combination that calls to mind the more restrained moments of Radiohead’s In Rainbows.

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