New Band of the Day #64: Master Sultan

master sultan

New EP Slug Days is out now.

Who: Aaron, Austin, and Kyle.

What: Math rock/alternative rock (FFO: Imagine if American Football played math rock)

Where: West Linn, Oregon.

Why: So apparently West Linn, Oregon is known for… not much it seems. It was settled in 1839 and is now a suburb of Portland. There doesn’t seem to be much information about the town other than that.

Having said that, it is the home of math/alternative rock trio Master Sultan. They mine a really rather satisfying and emotional brand of math rock that is tinged with the melodic sensibilities of alternative rock and the emotional heft of emo (that’s the not overly and ridiculously earnest type of emo there).

‘Jewel Fruit’, the opening track on their recently released Slug Days EP is a jam. Slowly building from an intricate and lo-fi math rock instrumental to a climax that is somewhere between post rock and the aforementioned emo, the track is a turbulent and stirring adventure into gaining perspective on life and enjoying the little things. It’s cathartic, instrumentally impressive, and melodically direct.

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