New Band Of The Day #68: Wholewheat


Communication Is Key out now.

Who: Brian Austin (Wholewheat), Dugg Frump, Dugglass C. Keith, Left Field.

What: Lo-fi anti folk (FFO: Daniel Johnston, Elliot Smith, Sebadoh)

Where: Toms River, New Jersey.

Why: I first came across Wholewheat nearly a year ago when I stumbled upon his track ‘Can You Divide Me Into You?’. A charming lo-fi acoustic song replete with some carefully chosen synth and a very 90’s style structure, the track compelled me to investigate further.

What I discovered was an artist who had been recording his endearing and comely music since the mid-90’s. Since that time he had amassed a veritable treasure trove of music on piles and piles of 4-track cassette tapes. A few years back he began to dig through the tapes. The result is a full length album titled Songs From My Parents Bedroom full of infectious lo=fi pop. For a fan of the unassuming melancholia of Daniel Johnston, the album pretty much immediately won me over.

Wholewheat’s latest release is titled Communication is Key. It takes his template he has perfected over years and develops it slightly further with the folky grunge of ‘I’m So Alone’ and the Sea Change-era Beck style of ‘Powder Keg’. Wholewheat’s music as a whole is wonderfully grainy which hads an earnestness and honesty that is most difficult to fake.

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