New Band Of The Day #69: MNHM


New album Of Empires Past out now.

Who: Mark / Guitar, Henry / Bass, Otto / Saxophone, Roy / Drums.

What: Instrumental blackgaze with a touch of saxophone (FFO: Deafheaven, And So I Watch You From Afar, Amesoeurs)

Where: Arnhem, Netherlands.

Why: MNHM (pronounced Mannheim I think) are an odd beast. Creating an imposing and thunderous noise that combines shoegaze and black metal in an instrumental melee, the Dutch quartet are an endurance test that is infinitely rewarding. Kind of like reading Cormac McCarthy or watching a Chris Nolan flick.

In particular, we love ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Superior Grace’. The former is a four and half minute focused blast of melody densely buried under mountains of fuzz and noise. It has a groove that is reminiscent of an army march. It’s a track full of determination and perseverance. Eventually it quietens and lulls the listener into a false sense of security before returning with a ravaged vengeance.

‘Superior Grace’ is a more considered affair. Beginning with a circular chiming riff that serves to build tension with its hypnotic qualities, slowly the song develops as the rhythm section subtly arrives to give the track some direction. Eventually the song bursts into a wave of regal riffs and soars into the most emotional and dramatic section of the entire album. Spellbinding.

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